Research & Brand Analytics

Understand the competitive compensation of your healthcare providers

  • Determine Brand Spend
    Attest™ identifies your own spending patterns and payment practices as well as those of your competitors. This analysis is an important source of competitive 'brand' intelligence and in establishing future brand-specific budgets.
  • Map Research & Brand Spend
    Attest™ geospatially maps research and brand activity throughout the United States including the capability to illustrate selectable population demographics. This mapping visually represents the locations of all of your research and brand payments along with those of your competitors.
  • Determine Brand Rank
    Attest™ ranks you and your competitors based on selectable measures. Use this analysis to determine the position of your brands, your physicians and your teaching hospitals compared with your competitors.
  • Detect Research & Brand Relationships
    Attest™ identifies the research and brand relationships physicians and teaching hospitals have with you and your competitors. This analysis identifies potential conflicts of interest and is also a source of competitive intelligence by highlighting the actual payer networks of your physicians and teaching hospitals.
  • View Brand Detail
    Attest™ allows easy navigation, sorting and viewing of all 'Open Payments' records by all available levels of payment detail.

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