Compliance Analytics

Improve the effectiveness of your compliance programs

  • Verify Policies
    Attest™ independently authenticates or identifies “gaps” in your actual payment practices versus your established policies. This analysis enables you to identify variances between actual activity and your internal compliance program.
  • Detect Outliers
    Attest™ identifies payments to physicians and teaching hospitals that are statistical outliers within the context of internal measures and competitive metrics. This analysis can be used for internal monitoring, more targeted auditing and, at an aggregate level, to identify existing exposure to “kickback” patterns.
  • Determine Fair Market Value
    Attest™ estimates aggregate FMV based on competitive, internal or other selectable comparables. Once defined, FMV norms and caps can be established. These criteria enable you to set aggregate payment policies and controls, and thereby mitigate future “kickback” exposure.
  • Determine Rank
    Attest™ ranks you and your competitors based on selectable measures. This analysis determines the position of your brands, your physicians and your teaching hospitals compared to your competitor's brands.
  • Detect Conflicts of Interests
    Attest™ identifies the financial relationships between your physicians and teaching hospitals with your competitors. This analysis can identify potential conflicts or as a source of competitive intelligence by highlighting the actual payer networks of your physicians and teaching hospitals.
  • Detect “Off-Label”
    Attest™ detects potential “off-label” promotion based on physician specialty within the context of compensation “norms” of competing classes of brands. This analysis will allow the identification of potential brand specific compensation abnormalities.
  • View Payment Detail
    Attest™ allows easy navigation, sorting and viewing of all ‘Open Payments’ records with all available levels of payment detail.
  • Detect Data Reporting Errors
    Attest™ detects potential transparency reporting errors in your physician and teaching hospital data. This analysis allows the rapid detection and correction of potential errors as well as ensuring optimal data accuracy and data consistency.

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