About Attest™ Analytics

In the Cloud!

Leverage the insights of Attest Open Payments™ from anywhere in the world in minutes.  Empower the entire organization with a live interactive dashboard accessible via any web browser, desktop and mobile device.  Easily select, filter and drill down through over fifty standard and available analytical reports or feel free to create your own.  Attest Open Payments™ is fast healthcare provider compensation analytics, easy to access and friendly to use, and visually rich and interactive.

Is Quality!

Attest™ has exhaustively corrected, standardized and normalized the CMS 'Open Payments' dataset, and has added to and extended the dataset to be more insightful.  This improvement in quality has made Attest Open Payments™ the most usable, precise, accurate and complete 'Open Payments' analytics available:

Corrections & Standardizations:

  • Recipients (i.e., physicians, teaching hospitals)
  • Paying (i.e., manufacturers) organization names
  • CASS certified addresses
  • NDC codes
  • Brand names
  • Clinical study names
  • Physician specialty specifications
  • State licensing

Data Normalizing:

  • Multiple brand payment amortization
  • Physician licensing
  • Physician specialty hierarchal mapping
  • MSA geography mapping
  • Address geocoding

Extended Search & Filter Criteria:

  • U.S. Demographic Overlays
  • Medicare Physician Specialty Code
  • Labeler Code & Product Code
  • Proprietary Name
  • Non-Proprietary Name
  • Pharmacological Class
  • Application Number
  • DEA Schedule
  • Start & End Marketing Dates
  • Marketing Category (i.e., NDA, ANDA, BLA, OTC Monograph, Unapproved Drug)
  • Labeler Name
  • Substance Name

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